Staying Motivated


We all know regular exercise is good for us in so many ways but how do we keep motivated week after week, month after month, year after year. Putting it like that might make it sound a little daunting but there are other things we are motivated to do regularly without giving them much thought e.g. eating, housework, socialising with friends, brushing our teeth, sleeping, hobbies, shopping, etc. Some of these activities are enjoyable and some are a chore but we still do them; it’s worth noting, all these activities can be affected if our fitness, health or mobility deteriorate. And yet keeping up with regular exercise, just because it’s good for us, can be so difficult. There are however two important things which, added to the equation, can make all the difference; making exercise enjoyable and being able to see the positive results of your efforts. That’s what we aim to do at Ferndown Fitness. Our friendly, welcoming atmosphere makes exercise enjoyable; our fitness programmes involve short intervals on a variety of machines to keep your workout interesting; our regular assessments allow you to see the benefits you are getting.

Does this work? Well our members certainly seem to think so. We constantly get positive feedback from our members but never more so than after the first lockdown. When we reopened at the end of July most of our members rushed to get back to the gym and said how much they had missed it. Some had missed the exercise; some had missed the socialising; some had noticed a reduction in their fitness; most had put on a few extra pounds! It really helped to bring home how much there is to be gained from regular exercise in environment that’s right for you.

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