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Working out at gyms can be impersonal, boring and sometimes intimidating. At Ferndown Fitness we are very different. We have staff who talk to and look after you on every visit, not just when you join. The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly, welcoming and fun. This is why our members enjoy coming to Ferndown Fitness year after year and reap all the benefits of incorporating regular exercise into their lives.

We are definitely the place for you if a medical professional has advised you to exercise / lose weight for health reasons. We take the time to set you an individual exercise programme that takes into account any health issues you may have and helps you achieve your goals at a pace that’s right for you. No matter what your fitness level – even if you haven’t exercised for years- we can create a programme to get you started on your fitness journey.

Not at Ferndown Fitness. We have members that range in age from their twenties to their nineties! We are a club that makes everyone feel welcome as we know how important it is to keep fit and active as you get older and how difficult it can be to find the right place to exercise later in life.

Normally you will only need to book visits if you are having a training session or fitness assessment with one of our fitness instructors. However, the current Covid-19 regulations do require every visit to the gym to be booked for now.

We generally recommend attending 3 times a week although that does depend on whether you are doing any other type of physical activity – but any exercise is better than none. When you join us we will discuss what results you want to achieve and give you a realistic programme to help you reach your goals. We are open 7 days a week (see our opening times) so it’s easy to fit your workouts into your schedule.

At Ferndown Fitness we pride ourselves on being the friendliest and most welcoming gym around. For some of our members the social aspect of coming to Ferndown Fitness is as important as the fitness aspect. Many of our members join the gym on their own and quickly make new friends they enjoy working out with … but if you do want to work out by yourself, that’s fine too. You will feel right at home at Ferndown Fitness whatever your preference.

Not at Ferndown Fitness! Our gym is for everyday people who want to lose weight, improve fitness and stay healthy. Come and exercise in a relaxed atmosphere without body builders, lycra clad posers or show-offs.

Loose fitting clothing you feel comfortable in. A baggy tee-shirt and track suit bottoms for example. There is no need to buy fancy work-out gear to come to Ferndown Fitness! Footwear should be lace up, soft soled shoes such as trainers.

All you need to bring is a small bottle of water (hydration is very important!) and you are good to go! Due to Covid-19 regulations towels are not to be brought to the gym at present. Please see our Covid-19 page for further details.

No! You can visit the gym as many times a week as you like. (See our full opening times)

Absolutely! We offer a free one-to-one session with one of our fitness instructors so you can try out all of our equipment and be sure you have chosen the right gym for your fitness journey. Call us today and book your free guest visit.

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We are all unique. Every single one of us. That’s why each of our members is given their own individual fitness programme. Whatever your fitness level, we are here for you!

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