Gyms Are Safe

Covid-19 Safe

When Covid-19 came along there were particular concerns about gyms; exercising in an enclosed space with other gym members and the shared use of gym equipment was considered by some to be a potential risk. Fortunately the Government’s Covid-19 guidance for running a gym has addressed these issues with a strong focus on good ventilation, stringent instructions for cleaning equipment, social distancing and a limit on the number of people who can use a gym at any one time. The feedback from our members at Ferndown Fitness was that they felt incredibly safe using the gym after we reopened in July with the Covid safety measures in place.

Of course all these extra measures create a lot of additional work for staff and has changed the way the gym operates but our priority is to provide a safe place for our members to workout. It’s therefore so encouraging to see that research done by the major UK fitness industry body UKActive (see link below) shows that all these efforts have been successful in creating Covid secure gyms. Data collected from fitness facilities in England after lockdown show gyms to be extremely low risk for transmission of Covid-19 and this is consistent with similar findings from the rest of the UK and other countries. We can’t wait to get back to “old normal” but in the meantime we can all continue to use the gym with confidence.

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