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Back in 2013, when Ferndown Fitness was created we asked the question – “What are the reasons people wouldn’t go to a gym?” The answers came quite quickly; people felt a gym wasn’t for them because they were too old, not fit enough, over weight, needed support they couldn’t get without expensive personal training costs. We didn’t think any of these reasons should stop people getting the regular exercise that is so essential to their health and wellbeing and so Ferndown Fitness was created…

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We wanted a club with an atmosphere where anybody, regardless of age, size or ability could come and exercise in a place where they felt welcomed, supported and part of the club; our members tell us we have succeeded in doing just that.

Ferndown Fitness now has years of experience with our tried and tested systems that have produced results for our members time and again. We have a highly qualified and experienced team who are focused on making exercise available and enjoyable for everyone… not just the usual gym goers but normal people who up till now felt a gym wasn’t for them.

Tailored Programmes - Regular Assessments

At Ferndown fitness we take the time to listen and find out what your goals are before creating an exercise programme just for you – whether you are a total beginner or an experienced gym user. Your easy to follow “programme card” will be waiting for you on each visit so there’s no need for you to memorise anything.

We are confident regular use of our equipment will deliver results. To make sure you continue to get the most out of your membership as your fitness improves, we offer free regular fitness assessments and reviews of your exercise programme. This not only allows you to see the progress you are making but ensures you are always following an exercise programme that’s right for you.

All-Over Toning System (ATS)

Within our club we have a unique system that has been carefully put together over many years to make sure it achieves the very best results for our members no matter what their goals e.g. to lose weight, increase fitness and flexibility, improve health. Our All-over Toning System (ATS) has been designed to make sure you get the most out of every visit and it’s so simple to use.

The ATS section of the club consists of a circuit of 12 machines that each work a different muscle group. You start at the beginning of the circuit and work your way round after spending less than a minute on each piece of equipment. The machines are easily adjusted to your individual strength level by pushing a button or using a foot peddle (no messing around putting pins in weights!)

Our circuit uses timed red/ green lights that tell you when to move onto the next machine – so no need to count repetitions or wait for members hogging machines. Don’t worry if you’ve not used anything like this before – we take as much time as you need to show you how to use this system and all of our other equipment.

Make Friends & Support Each Other

If you have an image of a gym being a place where people work out without speaking and staff are nowhere to be seen when you need them, then be assured Ferndown Fitness is the opposite of that! Whether you join Ferndown Fitness on your own or with a friend/ partner you will soon get to know other members and the staff.

Having a chat and a laugh is as much a part of coming to Ferndown Fitness as having a workout….and we actively encourage this! We know that if coming to the gym is an enjoyable experience where you see friendly faces and have fun, you are far more likely to keep up with your exercise routine. In fact, many of our members make new friends at the club who then support and encourage each other on their fitness journey.

And, of course, if you do just want to work out by yourself, then that’s fine too.

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If you are feeling unsure about how to proceed, here are five simple steps to starting your fitness journey with Ferndown Fitness.

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