Meet The Team

John Smith Owner and Senior Trainer

With over 30 years experience working in the health and fitness industry, I have accumulated enough knowledge to help anybody who has the desire to lose weight, tone up and improve their general fitness. For the last 20 years I have specialised in helping people who believed that, for whatever reason, joining a gym wasn’t for them and that they would struggle to achieve great results. Well I believe they can because I have seen it happen many hundreds of times.

Kirsten Smith Co- owner, Admin & Trainer

In 1997 I walked into a gym to join where John was the Manager. At that time I would never have believed that we would be living & working alongside each other for the next 20 years (if only I’d known!) and that I would be playing a part in building 5 successful clubs, each one better than the last! My last 19 years have been spent alongside John, as an instructor out on the gym floor, helping our members achieve their goals. Now a majority of my time is spent behind the scenes, keeping the club running smoothly (and tidying up after John!).

Gary Trainer

Gary Joined Ferndown Fitness in 2018 as a fully qualified instructor. He relishes his role here at Ferndown Fitness as he is able to utilise all of his qualifications by helping our members in both groups and on a one to one basis, motivating and helping them to achieve their individual goals. He has slotted beautifully into the team, always has a smile on his face and is already a firm favourite with our members. His interests include football, having played in the past, and golf.


Alongside her partner Tony, Nat joined us as a member back in 2015.

Having achieved great success, and losing over 2 ½ stone, Nat has the experience of knowing how it feels to have had children and to want to return to exercise  to concentrate on her own well being.

Nat is always on hand to help out, whether you are a complete beginner or you feel as though you are ready to push a little harder.

Ginette Trainer

With lots of experience behind her taking PE classes in school, Ginette is very enthusiastic in the gym and will help get you motivated to keep going and achieve great results. Ginette is used to dealing with teenagers so looking after our members is a piece of cake!


Tony first joined us as a member along with his partner Natalie back in 2015, following a health scare.

He worked very hard in the club and achieved tremendous success, losing just under 4 stone.

He now uses his experience in the club to help members achieve their own goals and has that rare ability to be able to understand how it feels to be at the start line and also to have made it to a very healthy end goal.