17- Aug2016
Posted By: John

Choosing the right club for you

Let’s assume that you have already decided that you are ready to start your new program of losing weight getting fitter, toning up or whatever results you are looking for and now have to choose the right club for you. Important things to remember:

  • Do they provide a program that has been designed just for you, THIS SHOULD BE FREE and updated regularly …at Ferndown Fitness we change your program every 30 visits
  • Are staff always on hand ?
  • Do they have experience in looking after people who are beginners or maybe returning to exercise after a long layoff?
  • Does the equipment suit you? This is very important, the sort of equipment you might want if you want to lose weight and tone up, will be VERY different to what you would want if for instance you are a young male body builder
  • Price for a lot of people is very important and varies greatly from club to club, make sure that the price you pay covers everything e.g. Unlimited use, classes, programs, reviews free personal training at Ferndown fitness ALL of this is included for under £10 per week.
  • And of course can they provide evidence and proof that they can backup what they say they can do (See our member testimonials page)

The list goes on and on chooses the right club for you!

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