Coronavirus (COVID19)

Coronavirus (COVID19) Update

I know many of you have questions about your memberships at this extraordinary time and we will do our best to answer them. The situation is changing day by day but for now what we do know is the gym will initially be closed for a month from 21 March at which time the Government will be reviewing the situation.

For those paying by direct debit

The company that collects our direct debits have said they will not be collecting payments that cover the month we are closed. Many of you are paying a month in arrears so may find a payment being debited in March/ April that covers a period before the gym had to close in which case your following payment will not be collected. If you need to contact the direct debit company for any reason they are currently only accepting email enquiries. The direct debit company used by Ferndown Fitness deals exclusively with gyms and leisure organisations. Like everyone else they are struggling to cope with this unprecedented situation. They are being swamped with enquiries whilst dealing with the difficulties of their staff now working from home. Their email address is but they kindly ask you to only contact them if the matter is urgent.

For those who pay annually

A month will be added to the term of your membership. Any outstanding payments due from members who have recently joined or renewed, will only be collected when we re-open.

Membership renewals

If your membership is due for renewal during the shut-down period, no joining fee will be charged if you renew within a month of the gym reopening.

We will review the situation when we receive further instruction from the Government. Like every other business in this terrible situation we are trying to do the best for our members, our staff and the business. As a well established and successful gym we feel confident that with the proposed support from Government we will be in a position to weather this storm.

A big thank you to all our members who have sent messages of support. We hope you all stay safe and well and we look forward to seeing you again soon!


Catherine and the Ferndown Fitness Team