About Us

Before opening Ferndown fitness we thought long and hard as to reason why people wouldn’t go to a gym. The answers came pretty much straight away; people felt that the gym wasn’t for them because they were too old, not fit enough, over weight or it would be too expensive. And so FF was born……

In the beginning

Our starting point was very easy; Losing weight & trying to get fitter shouldn’t be something to be whispered about so let’s face it head on and start the process from the first day. We have given the club an atmosphere that meant anybody, regardless of age, size or ability, will feel welcome and part of the club. We have programs that guide you through the whole of your time at the club from your very first day to months later and we will give you the confidence to keep going and an opportunity to see your progress taking place.

Years of experience

Combine all of our unique systems with many years of experience from the staff and you have a formula that creates success for everybody, not just the usual gym goers but the real, the normal people who up until now felt that they couldn’t be a gym member. To get to this point you have obviously thought hard about joining a club and the next decision you make will without a doubt be the most important one you will make.

The gym that’s designed for you

There are lots of gym choices these day and each club seems to suit a certain type of person. Just make sure you choose your club based on the results you are looking for and the support you will get while you work towards them.